Other attractions

In addition to game drives to Meru National Park (by prior arrangement), iKWETA Safari Camp endeavors to enrich the experience of its guests by organizing optional nature walks within the Camp and excursions to interesting and scenic places in the vicinity of the Camp. For day excursions, guests are taken in their tour company vehicle or they may use their own vehicle and are accompanied by an employee of iKWETA who serves as a guide.

Excursion 1
Nature trails. Leisurely walk along the nature trails of iKWETA Safari Camp to stretch the legs, especially after a long drive. Approx. 10-15 minutes. Morning or evening.

Excursion 2
Nature walk to Gatwe (“Skull”) hill. Leisurely walk through the fields and past small local settlements that gives the visitor a sense of “the real Kenya”, as one guest aptly put it. The views from atop the hill are exceptional, providing panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside and of Meru National Park and the greater Meru Conservation Area of which it is part. An employee of iKWETA may accompany to serve as a guide. Approx. 2 hours. Morning or evening. Nominal charge per group (of whatever size).

Excursion 3
Leisurely drive through scenic small-scale tea farms en route to Nyambene Forest and water tower. Half-day or Full day. Nominal Gate fees.

This excursion takes visitors through scenic landscapes where some of the best quality tea in the world is grown. It culminates in the visit to Nyambene Forest and water tower and includes a tour of the source and waterworks of the Tuuru Water Scheme, an endeavour of the Catholic Diocese of Meru and the local communities. The project distributes water over an area of 1,200 sq km of both high and low population densities. The aqueducts extend over 250 km and channel more than 36 million litres of water per day to more than a quarter million people and more than 60,000 large and small domestic animals.

1) Full-day option may include visit to Kiegoi Tea Factory, an enterprise serving more than 11,000 smallholder growers and a Kenyan Fairtrade Certified Tea Producer success story.
2) Full-day option may include visit to Maria Consolata Mukululu Shrine and Winery. The Consolata missionaries from Italy have been active in Kenya over a 100 years.
3) Half-day and full-day options may include packed lunch in Nyambene Forest.

Excursion 4
Photo safari. Panoramic sites and spectacular photo opportunities. Half-day. Nominal charge per group (of whatever size).

The landscapes of this area of Meru County are both breath-taking and diverse – ranging from panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya to the extensive Nyambene Range and impressive forest and water tower to the stunning extinct volcanoes of the Northern Grazing Area; from the lush agricultural lands where tea, coffee and various food crops are grown to the arid and semi-arid areas of parts of the Meru National Park.